Rumery's 36

During the prohibition era of the 1920s successful downeast rumrunners used boats built by, among others, the legendary Will Frost. Their wit, and the characteristics of their vessels, allowed them to elude the government's revenue cutters. Rumery's 36 pays homage to these elegant, fast & seaworthy designs of Will Frost. The sensuous curves of the torpedo stern, and the sculptural smoothness below the waterline, makes the Rumery's 36 an extremely efficient hull form, very easy to push through the water. The hull slices through the water: "As you give it throttle, it goes faster and faster, but there's no runs cleanly and it never pounds." (Bob Stephens, Brooklin Boat Yard, quoted in WOODENBOAT issue #170 Jan/Feb 2003)

This boat handles well in all sea conditions, stable at rest and at speed, it always feels safe and comfortable. The nearly flat run under the torpedo stern smoothes out the water as it exits from under the hull leaving almost no wake at any speed. It is extremely fuel efficient, and at the same time very quiet. Rumery's takes extra effort to provide a comfortable environment for the helmsman and your passengers.

The next fiberglass hull can be ordered & built to your specifications, including an ELECTRIC DRIVE. This is an exceptional vessel, a lot of boat for the money. It drives like a boat, not a video game - you can feel your input and the response of the vessel.

LOA: 36' 6"
BEAM: 8' 9"
DRAFT: 2' 8"

Design & Layout

Option 1: Original Model


The original Leonard W was built and fished with a canvas spray hood, plumb windshield and wheelhouse. Below and all the way forward, chain locker. IN our model there will be, heading aft, a vee-berth. Port side and aft of vee-berth, small head, opposite to starboard, cabinet with small sink and countertop, storage space below. Engine box/tabletop on centerline. Swing away seats port and starboard at forward end of the engine box. Door through bulkhead to wheelhouse on port side. Wheelhouse, helm on starboard side. Available with portside closed in with windows or open as the helm side. Canvas curtains with windows available for all open sides including aft as winterback. Open deck area with seat aft, following lines of coaming at rear deck. Steadying sail, and folding helmsmans chair. 


Wooden Hull #1 was built with the torpedo stern and a housetop and cabin designed by Bob Stephens at Brooklin Boat Yard. Power is supplied by a Yanmar 315HP diesel with a 1.93:1 gear turning a 19 x 25 wheel. 

Option 2: Jonesporter

 Accommodations same as option 1 but with traditional hardtop cabin trunk and slanted windshield with 3 windows. Canvas curtains as above optional. Rooftop same as other models with side and aft curtains available.  



Option 3: Fly Fishing Model


 Same hull and deck layout but with no sprayhood or trunk cabin. Cockpit sole continues forward past main bulkhead for fishing deck forward. Seats port and starboard with lockers beneath. Large storage area forward where vee-berth would be on other models. Helm on centerline with main bulkhead and optional windshield. 

Sea Trial

Thanks to East Coast Yacht Sales for capturing this sea trial!