WG Inboard Motor

This ultra modern electric motor is made to be mounted on the propeller shaft. Fit any motor bed, and any propeller shaft. With shaft endings on both ends of the motor to make an easy and quick in-line hybrid configuration.

Complete System Includes:

  • Inboard motor (IP67)
  • Appropriate motor controller
  • Comprehensive display with battery monitor
  • Steering cable from controller to motor (standard 2 meter), with unmistakable plug
  • Ignition key on the dashboard
  • Joystick (side- or top mounting)
  • Connecting cables between controller and steering position (standard 5 meter), with unmistakable plugs
  • For motors with water cooling (10kWatt and higher): integrated cooling circuit for the controller with Quick-Click connections
  • Main switch
  • Main fuse
  • User manual and installation schedule

Nb. Propeller to be ordered separately