Electric Motors

 Rumery's is proud to have partnered with E-TECH Electric Drives, electric motors for yachts and small boats.

Using state-of-the-art technology, E-TECH has worked to develop classic outboards, saildrives, pods, and high torque propulsion units that are efficient and durable.

Classic Outboards

E-TECH produces electric outboards with the classic look of an outboard. With theses outboard motors we respond to the demands of the client not wishing to change much on the appearance of their boats, but requires the benefit of strong and efficient electric propulsion.  


Our Saildrives allow clients is to adopt the sail drive for an electric motor. This is what we have done successfully with the E-TECH motors

High Torque

Electric drives from E-TECH are constructed around the BLDC motor. A permanent magnet, brushless synchronous motor is the most efficient electric drive. Economical, very low maintenance, silent and compact, all in a seawater resistant and watertight aluminum casing.  

Simple Installation

Every E-TECH WG (inboard) system has a shaft clamp to connect with the existing propeller shaft and can be delivered in the required size and diameter. The motor supports can also be adapted to any size motor. 


E-TECH drives with closed circuit water cooling is supplied with Push-In connections on the cooling hoses. All electric connections are color coded. The cooling circuit is a closed circuit, which can be filled with common cooling fluid. Customers can choose between a heat exchanger under the boat or a radiator cooler that can be mounted in a well ventilated spot of choice. 

Thrust Bearing

All E-TECH motors have a double acting build in thrust bearing. The axial thrust from the propeller is guided efficiently and without resistance to the casing. 

Battery Charging

E-TECH electic drives (4kW and higher) are strong generators, allowing the motor to charge batteries. Shaft endings on both sides of the motor makes it easy to build an in-line hybrid configuration. 


Using a Bluetooth connection with an android system, any user can easily connect with the controller, allowing to reprogram the controller (for engine speed limitations, for example). 

Complete System

Every E-TECH drive system is a complete system. The set contains everything to install a ready to go elective drive system in your boat!